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4597 Pine Island Road NW
Matlacha, Fl. 33993

Phone: 239-558-4970

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The goal of Blue Dog was to open a small, neighborhood restaurant in Matlacha, Florida the town we love. Our focus is on the small things that belong in a neighborhood restaurant. Being genuinely friendly, knowing the names of our guests and serving fresh local food at reasonable prices. Our hope is that the neighborhood grows to trust us and makes us an extension of their homes.
The white boots (locally called ‘Pine Island Reeboks’) that ‘Blue’ wears on our logo are a nod to the rich past and current fishing history of Pine Island and Matlacha. These boots are worn by commercial fishermen all along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. From our family, we’d like to give our thanks to every crabber, fisherman, shrimper, oysterman, and all the commercial fishermen on the entire Gulf Coast but particularly Matlacha and Pine Island, for the sacrifices you have made to carry on the traditions of your fathers. It’s one of the things that makes us proud to call Matlacha and Pine Island home. This is a great community.

We have weathered storms…together. We work hard…together. We play hard…together and when the day is done…those white boots are put out to dry.

Come, eat well, have a brew and sit with us for a while…and the dog is happy.
Alittle About Blue Dog Bar & Grill
Blue Dog is named after my first dog, he was a black dog but his name was ‘Blue’ and he was always by my side for as far back as I can remember.  The Name Blue Dog Bar & Grill was Born.

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